Passage: Luke 22:47~53  

Keyverse: 53

1. The kiss of Judas (47-48)

Judas knew all the facts about Jesus' life and teachings, for he was one of the Twelve. But actually Judas knew nothing, for his heart was dark--dark because of greed, and dark because he had no love for truth or for God or for anyone.

2. No more of this! (49-51)

Jesus' disciples loved him, but they were also in darkness because they did not understand Jesus' heart nor did they understand his mission. They were ready to fight for Jesus with swords, but this was not Jesus' way. He healed the ear of his enemy. He showed his disciples another way.

3. Why didn't you arrest me in the temple? (52-53)

The religious leaders could not arrest Jesus in the temple because they were afraid of the people (2). Their hearts were full of murder and lies. Jesus spoke the truth of God when he taught in the temple. Their hour was the hour when darkness reigned.

Prayer: Lord, help me to live in the light of your love and truth.

One Word: Live in God's light