Passage: Luke 17:11~19  

Key verse: 16

1. Master, have pity on us (11-14)

Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem to die on the cross. As he was walking along the border between Galilee and Samaria, he was met by 10 men with leprosy. In those days lepers were avoided like AIDS patients are today. They did not dare to come near Jesus, but from a great distance they cried out (13). Jesus never turns away from those who humbly ask his help. He healed them and sent them to the priests to get a clean bill of health. They could then enter society and live normal lives.

2. The Samaritan who thanked Jesus (15-19)

The men were so excited about being healed that they forgot about the man who had healed them. But one man remembered; he turned and came back, praising God. He was a foreigner. Because he remembered God's grace, he was blessed. He could have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for saving me from the leprosy of sin and making me whole. Help me to walk with Jesus today.

One Word: Remember God's grace