Passage: Luke 8:49~56

Key verse: 50b

1. Don't be afraid; just believe (49-50)

Jairus, unlike the woman, was a prominent man. But he also had come with desperate faith. His 12-year-old daughter was dying. He begged Jesus to come with him. As they pushed through the crowd, Jesus stopped to help a nameless woman. Jairus' faith was strengthened by the woman's confession, but his impatience grew as Jesus lingered. Then, someone came with bad news and bad advice: 'Your daughter is dead; don't bother the teacher any more.' Doubts attacked him, but Jesus' word came into his heart: 'Don't be afraid; just believe.'

2. She is not dead but asleep (51-56)

The people at Jairus' house had given in to sorrow. Their wailing filled the house. Jesus told them to stop wailing; they stopped long enough to laugh at Jesus. Taking with him only those who could make an environment of belief, he went in and healed the little girl by his word and touch.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to trust your word and 'just believe' in any situation.

One Word: Don't be afraid; just believe