Passage: Luke 8:11~15  

Key verse: 15

1. Three unfruitful heart-soils (11-14)

The seed is the word of God. It is living and active. Some heart-soil, however, is not fruitful. The path represents hard and unresponsive hearts. Hearts become hard when one hears many good ideas but makes no commitment. Seeds that fall on rocky soil sprout quickly, but do not put down roots. Some people like Bible study, but never let it change their world view or the way they live. The thorns are those with busy minds, anxious hearts and worldly desires. The tender seed of God's word is choked out and can never bear fruit.

2. The good soil (15)

The path can be plowed, the rock broken and the thorns cleaned out. Repentance is our plow; God's word is a hammer. If we hear the word and retain it in a noble and good heart, and persevere in obedience to God, our lives will produce fruit that pleases God and blesses mankind.

Prayer: Lord, help me to have a noble and good heart and to persevere in your word.

One Word: Produce fruit by persevering