Passage: Luke 6:46~49  

Key verse: 48

1. If you call Jesus `Lord' (46)

If Jesus is Lord, then he is King and Ruler. If I call Jesus `Lord', then I must do what he says. Like a diligent and loving servant, I must await his word of command. When he speaks through his word the Bible and gives me a command to obey or convicts me of a sin to forsake, I must do what he says. Then I may call him `Lord'.

2. Two houses (47-49)

Jesus told about two house builders. The houses they built looked alike, but the foundations were different. One house was built with deep foundations and laid on a rock. It withstood the flood. But the other was built without foundations. It collapsed when the torrent struck. Those who hear and obey God's word are building on rock. Those who hear God's word, but don't take it seriously, are building lives with no foundation. The house of their faith will collapse in the first hard storm.

Prayer: Lord, you are my King. Help me to hear your word and obey it.

One Word: Hear God's word and do it