Passage: Luke 6:43~45  

Key verse: 45

1. Known by its fruit (43-44)

The fruit a tree produces tells us what kind of tree it is. Even though a congregation meets in a beautiful building, if its ministry produces no people who love God and their neighbors, then something is wrong. On the other hand, even though a Christian fellowship does not fit the conventional cultural patterns, if it produces Christians who know God's grace and who love Jesus and love their neighbors, then that fellowship is surely pleasing to God.

2. Out of the heart the mouth speaks (45)

A good man is one whose heart is right with God. If Jesus dwells in one's heart, then Christ-like words and deeds will come from his life. If one's inner thoughts are full of worldly desire, greed, envy, anger, hatred or lust, then these things will be reflected in one's words or deeds at some time or another. If Jesus does not dwell in our hearts, then the sinful nature reigns.

Prayer: Lord, cleanse my heart and come in to live and reign.

One Word: Is your heart right with God?