Passage: Luke 6:37~42

Key verse: 37

1. Forgive (37-38)

A self-centered person tends to protect himself by judging others. But we who have tasted God's mercy must not judge others. We must not condemn others. We must forgive, for we have been forgiven. We must be strict with ourselves and gracious toward others. Furthermore, we must overcome our selfishness by giving generously to others. When we live in this way, God will bless us. God treats us as we treat others.

2. Don't be blind (39-42)

Judging others comes from spiritual blindness. One who is spiritually blind can't help anyone. The plank in my eye that makes me blind can be removed by repentance and by training. God trains us--sometimes through his servants and sometimes through events. When I repent, God forgives me and heals my blindness. When the plank is removed, I can see. I can come close to God and discern his way; I can be freed of my selfishness and judgmental spirit and help someone else.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your forgiving mercy. Heal my blindness and use me.

One Word: First remove the plank