Passage: Luke 6:12~16  

Key verse: 13

1. A night of prayer (12)

Jesus had jeopardized his whole ministry and even his own life by defying the religious leaders and healing a man's shriveled hand. He was distressed to find out how evil and heartless the leaders were. What could he do? He went to the mountainside and spent the whole night praying to God.

2. Jesus chooses twelve (13-16)

The redemptive work of God did not stop when the Jewish leaders refused to be shepherds of God's people. It did not stop when God's chosen people rejected their Messiah and their mission. God raised up a new people of God. Jesus chose 12 men to be with him. He would love them and disciple them until they could be apostles and missionaries. Then he would send them out to make disciples of all nations. Let's memorize their names and think about each one. Jesus still seeks faithful men who will obey him.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to pray and find your way when things look their worst. Help me to be a disciple-maker.

One Word: Don't give up; pray; make disciples for Jesus