Passage: Luke 2:25~40  

Key verse: 30,31

1. Simeon's faith (25-35)

Simeon was one of the 'waiting people.' He believed God's promise and prayed for his oppressed and suffering people. He was waiting for the Messiah. God promised him that he would see the Lord's Christ before he died. God's Spirit enabled him to see with eyes of faith. He took the baby in his arms and praised God, for his eyes saw God's salvation. He saw beyond his own people to the Gentile world, and prophesied that this baby would not only be a Savior for Israel, but also a light for all the people of the world. Simeon realized that redemption for the world meant pain and suffering for Jesus and for his mother.

2. Anna's hope (36-40)

Anna was a very old woman. She had lived almost all her life with no human hope. Her only hope was in God, for she was looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem. She was a warrior of prayer, and God blessed her prayerful life with a rich spiritual blessing: She saw Jesus; she was full of thanksgiving.

Prayer: Lord, let me set my hope fully on you, and help me to pray for the redemption of the world.

One Word: My eyes have seen your salvation