Passage: Psalm 21:1~13  

Keyverse: 13

1. Rejoice in the LORD's strength (1-7)

Godly leaders and people rejoice in the LORD's strength and the victories he gives. God grants them their heart's desires and requests. Rich, unending blessings from God crown them with glory, splendor and majesty. True gladness comes from the LORD's presence and the unfailing love of the Most High.

2. Your hand will lay hold on your enemies (8-13)

The enemies of the LORD and of his servants will be seized and burned up. The LORD will swallow them up in wrath, and their descendants will be destroyed. No evil plot can succeed against the LORD. The LORD is exalted in his strength. His people sing and praise his might.

Prayer: Lord, we rejoice in your strength and in victories you give! Be exalted and praised in and through your people.

One Word: Exalt and praise the LORD in his strength and for the victories he gives