Passage: Luke 20:1~18  

Key verse: 17

The high officials of the Sanhedrin were offended by Jesus’ authority to cleanse the temple. They came to Jesus to discredit his divine authority with a malicious question. In reply Jesus asked them about John the Baptist. Was his baptism from heaven or of human origin? It was to help them to think about how God was doing his work of salvation through John the Baptist and Jesus the Messiah. They knew the answer but deceived themselves and avoided facing the truth. Despite clear evidence of Jesus’ divine authority, they refused to answer. They became God’s enemies.

The parable of the tenants shows the tragedy when God’s people forget their position as stewards of God’s vineyard entrusted to them. The result is losing the privilege to work in his vineyard, enjoying his blessings. This parable also shows God’s patient love and hope for his rebellious people. God sent his Son, but his people rejected and killed him and claimed ownership of the vineyard. In this way they rejected God’s love and his ownership. They could not escape God’s judgment. God’s plan seemed thwarted due to his people’s failure. But God raised Jesus, the rejected stone, from the dead and made him the cornerstone, the sure foundation of salvation for all mankind.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the privilege to work in your vineyard. Help me be a good tenant of your vineyard and a good steward of your blessings.

One Word: I am a steward of God’s vineyard