Passage: 1_Timothy 6:11~21  

Keyverse: 12

1. Pursue godliness (11-16)

All people of God are called to flee evil and pursue godly things. We are called to fight the good fight, taking hold of the promise of life in the world that is filled with ungodliness and hopelessness. Like the Lord Jesus, we are called to testify to God in a world that rejects God and crucified his Son. We wait for his appearance in glory. Pursuing the unseen God is the good fight. Fighting the good fight of the faith is how we honor God today.

2. Commands for the rich (17-21)

Those who are rich should not be proud or put their hope in wealth. Rather, they should put their hope in God and use their wealth to do good deeds and to help others. It is more important to store up treasures in heaven than to hold on to earthly riches, which cannot give life.

Prayer: Lord, protect me from worldly temptations. Help me to fight a good fight. Bless me to know your glory.

One Word: Fight the good fight