Passage: Genesis 41:37~57  

Keyverse: 52

1. Joseph’s big promotion (37-49)

Pharaoh was highly impressed by Joseph’s ability, but more than that, he saw God’s spirit at work in Joseph. So Pharaoh put him in charge of all Egypt. What a sudden and drastic turnaround in Joseph’s situation! In his new position, Joseph immediately got to work, not sitting at home but traveling around to oversee the grain collection and storage personally. Joseph served the land of Egypt to bless it and make it prosper, even though it was not his home country.

2. Joseph’s testimony (50-57)

God also gave Joseph a wife and children in Egypt, completing his blessing and restoration. Joseph didn’t take this for granted, but reflected deeply on God’s work in his life. Through the names of his two sons, he thanked God for helping him overcome his sufferings and making him fruitful. If we keep our faith, the place where God makes us suffer can also be the place where we bear much fruit.

Prayer: Father, thank you for helping me understand how your plan works in my life. Help me testify to how you have worked in me.

One Word: Faith through suffering leads to fruit