Middle East Directors' Conf. Report

by WMD   02-09-2011   0 reads

The Middle East Directors' Conference that was held from December 26-28 in the United Arab Emirates finished with God’s abundant blessing. The total number of attendees was 39, including 5 native leaders.

The first day began with an opening message by Joshua, the director of Middle East UBF. A powerful first main message based on Luke 9:10-17 was delivered by Moody. Awadia and Sarah Little shared beautiful life testimonies. After a 10-minute message by Abraham, each chapter presented the work of God going on in each of their chapters. Each chapter is mainly served by one family’s faithful devotion like the lamp of David. They are independent and self-supporting, and native leaders are growing through this.

On the second day, after group Bible study in the morning, Dr John delivered a powerful main message. Tearful testimonies of deep repentance were written by the Middle East co-workers who had open hearts to simply accept the words of God as they were.

On the last day, Moses from Korea spoke on Philippians 2:1-18 about the importance of learning Jesus’ humbleness in order to build up beautiful co-working. Moses from Korea served the closing message.

In the Middle East countries which are Muslim countries, what can our missionaries do in the deserts? Their spiritual environments are just like the hot deserts. but in the midst of difficulties, what we can do is to keep the lamb of David burning in our small house churches and like the prophet Samuel, help several leaders and pray earnestly for the souls of the Middle Eastern people.

Overall, through this conference, God helped us to have a new direction to serve the work of God in the Middle East Counties, that is, like Samuel, we can serve through repentance and intercessory prayer. At the end of this conference, Dr. John Jun gave us several prayer topics:

1. Daily repentance and intercessory prayer like Samuel
2. Beautiful co-working and unity through having the same attitude as Jesus Christ
3. Vision for the pioneering of 23 Middle East countries
4. Korea's 50th anniversary preparation and Sh. Samuel H. Lee who is overseeing it
5. Upcoming CIS Directors' Conference (January 7-9, 2011)