La Plata Mission Report and Prayer Topics, Argentina

by WMD   03-06-2011   0 reads

We began 2010 holding onto Matthew 17:21 as our key verse: “However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting” (New King James Version)

First, the work of Matthew gospel.We studied Matthew from the Christmas of 2009 through 2010. God blessed us through His word. Jorge studied faithfully for the whole year and started his major in music by God’s grace. From time to time Milene came to the Sunday worship service and listened to God’s word. Nadia used to be irregular in her Bible studies with Msn. Johana, but ever since she started common life with Msn Isaac Cho’s family, she became faithful to weekly Bible study. She wrote her testimony faithfully and shared during each Friday meeting. Juan and Jose wrote their testimonies without missing, and grew as men of God. We had a celebration for finishing our study of Matthew’s Gospel. Jorge, Juan, Jose, Andres and Nadia shared their testimonies based on what they had received. On April 3rd and 4th we had our Easter Bible academy. Jorge, Nadia, Maria, Raul and Milene attended. I thank God for the spiritual growth of our 2nd generation of missionaries. They are active in the ministry, with owners’ attitude.

Second, South American Conference and sending out Ester as a missionary to the U.S.  From July 27th to August 1st we had the South American Conference in Bolivia. 8 delegates from our ministry attended. Jorge was involved in all the activities with a positive attitude. He accepted the crucified Jesus as his Savior. The 2nd gens of each country served this conference as stewards. On August 8th, we had a worship service to send out Ester Cho as a missionary to the U.S.; we prayed for her to be a source of blessing for many American souls. On August 14th she married Sh. Wesley Jun. Now, they are serving the ministry at the University of Chicago.

Third, Jesus, God with us. God has been with us throughout 2010. God gave permanent residency to the Msn. Juan Moon’s family. Juan Jr. graduated from high school with God’s help and his hard work. Isaac passed all the classes he took this year. Jose was awarded the honor of best classmate. Msn Ester got an A+ in her thesis. Msn Juan managed his business well and increased its profits to serve his family and the work of God. Nadia started common life after Ester’s wedding. Maria came back home and restored the broken relationship with her family. God also helped her to pass all her classes and now she is in Korea to learn the language. Sh Andres came from Korea to learn Spanish in Argentina, and is participating in God’s work.

Forth, prayer topics for 2011

1.      To establish one Abraham and one Sarah of faith.

2.      May Jorge and Nadia grow as Jesus’ disciples (focus on discipleship ministry after the 2011 summer Bible conference)

3.      Msn Isaac Cho’s Sunday messages.

4.      To invite 6 new students to 1:1 Bible study.