Thailand Summer Bible Conf. Report

by WMD   05-20-2011   0 reads

From April 29 to May 1, we had a Summer Bible Conference with the title, “Jesus, who came to call sinners.”  Prior to the conference, we prayed for the powerful work of the Holy Spirit to help students to repent and turn to God through this conference. God raised 5 messengers, including Peter, who delivered the first main message with the title, “Jesus, who came to call sinners,” based on Mark 2:17. His message challenged the students to open their hearts to Jesus’ invitation and know how they were sinners before God. Dr. Mongkol delivered the second main message, “Jesus, the true vine,” based on John 15:5. God blessed his shepherd heart and sent 7 students from Kasetsart University where he serves.  Luke, Ton, and On Pauline also served messages gracefully.

Some highlights of the conference are first, students confessed their sins. Students in Thailand are brought up under the strong influence of Buddhism from their young ages. For this reason, to accept the gospel of Jesus is hard for them. However, we are experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit, which changes the hearts of students to accept the gospel of Jesus, due to much prayer support from all over the world. On the first day, Brothers N and T were baptized at the conference and shared their life testimonies. It was good to do this from the beginning to prepare a spiritual environment for the conference. Secondly, God increased the total number of attendees. Last year, 27 attended, and this year, 4 more attended with a total of 31.

Prayer Topics:

1. Continue to serve Chulalongkorn University and Kasetsart University

2. Double the ministry with 40 Sunday attendees

3. N's and T’s spiritual growth after baptism

4. Sincere Bible study with Tam 2, Aek, Itti, Bank, Min, Im, Game, View