2011 Costa Rica Winter Conf. Report

by WMD   08-04-2011   0 reads

We had our Winter Bible Conference from the 22nd to the 25th of July. The title was ‘Que Hizo Jesus por mi?” “What did Jesus do for me?” God sent 20 people to this conference.

 First, heart moving messages. M. Lydia Park delivered John 3 as an opening message. Sh. Christian from Mexico UBF delivered Luke 5 as main messenger. Sh. Maria from Guadalajara Mexico delivered John 4 as the second main message. Sh. Ernesto of Costa Rica delivered Luke 19 as the third main message. M. Abraham Park delivered the fourth main message with many tears. M. Pablo Park delivered 1 Peter 2:9 and John 21 as the final main message.

Second, heart-moving life testimonies and movie watching:

Sh. Silvia and 2nd gen Sarah Ham from Guatemala, Mario and Jonathan from Nicaragua, M. Sarah Park and Cindy from Costa Rica shared their life testimonies with many tears.  Then we watched the heart-moving movie, “The End of the Spear.”   

 Third, there were many prodigal sheep who returned (Joel, Cindy) and new sheep (Tatiana, Carolina, Julie and Jonathan) who were changed. Altogether 9 students attended.

Fourth, missionaries’ and guests’ sacrificial serving .

Sh. Maria served sheep one by one staying up all night. Sarah Ham served a flute solo and life testimony. Juan Kim from Nicaragua served pictures. Silvia served a life testimony. Jonathan and Mariano from Nicaragua served testimonies, presiding and singspiration. M. Sarah Park served the dancing team from Costa Rica. Lydia Park struggled with sheep’s sin problem to help their testimonies.  Because of their support I could concentrate in serving the whole conference. I praise and thank God who made us full of joy and tears throughout the conference and worked mightily among us.