Philippines UBF Visit Report

by WMD   08-06-2011   0 reads

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds…” (James 1:2)

From July 19th to August 1st God blessed me to witness and participate in God’s work in Philippines UBF led by Dr. William Altobar and his wife Sarah Mina.  My children Maria Joy, Christy and Johnny were already there a few weeks before I arrived.  I would just like to share two aspects of the ministry which were the highlights of my visit.

First, early morning daily bread and early morning basketball.  Even though Dr. William works as a doctor full time, supports and takes care of six kids, overseeing the construction of the Bible house he leads daily bread meeting everyday from Monday to Sunday at 5:30 am.  Sara Mina leads the daily bread with the sisters.  There is no oversleeping on the weekends here.  Each day an appointed brother reads and shares his daily bread.  There is an average of 8 brothers who meet every day.  Then they receive prayer topics from Dr. William and pray two by two.  Afterwards, depending on the weather and their class schedules brothers go out to play basketball.  They do this from Monday to Saturday.  Sunday they prepare for worship service.  While I was there we played on average every other day for about two hours.  It was really a wonderful time of fellowship with the brothers and my children.

Second, Bible study and more Bible studies.  Before I arrived Brendan Daley, a medical student from Peoria, Illinois was conducting all the Bible studies.  He had dedicated two months of his summer to serve God in Philippines UBF.  But during the week that he was preparing to return to America I began to take over many of the Bible studies.  First, I had 1 Timothy 1 Bible study with my family, including my niece Sarah Lomahan and Brendan.  Then I had 1 Timothy 1 Bible study with the brothers.  The next week I had James 1 group Bible study with the brothers, then the sisters at the church, then group Bible study with students at the University of the Philippines School of Medicine.  I had a John 4 group Bible study with several sisters from the Dentistry School.  Also, I had several one to one Bible studies with brothers.  I never had Bible study with so many people in a week’s time before.  Students are really thirsty for God’s word here.

Philippines UBF prayer topics:

1.      Finish construction on the Bible house.

2.      Establish a new house church between Andrew (U of C) and Sh. Arlene.

3.      Send out missionaries to all European countries and the Middle East.