(CZECH REPUBLIC) Praha UBF Celebrated The 30th Anniversary of Czech UBF with A Beautiful Bible Retreat

by UBF HQ   11-08-2023   0 reads

by Hannah S.

By the grace of God, we Praha UBF celebrated the 30 years of Czech UBF history and built an altar of thanksgiving to the Lord who has been with us and blessed us.

In the opening message, Alesh A. delivered a message on Psalm 23, remembering the grace of the Lord in his life and ours as we pass through the valley of the shadow of death, being the Good Shepherd and guiding us, with tears of gratitude. Msn. Hannah S. reported on her 30 years of missionary work in the Czech Republic with pictures and presentations. In his Sunday message, Msn. David S. spoke about the meaning of the grain of wheat in John 12. The late Msn. Isaac S. lived the life of a grain of wheat for 10 years and laid the foundation for the history of Czech UBF, and then Msn. Hannah inherited the ministry and grew it for 20 years.

We believe and pray that the next 30 years will fulfill the history of discipleship of the next generation through the second-generation missionaries David and Alesh. We thank God for the beautiful coworking of many missionaries. We also pray for Noe's family from Mexico, as they adjust to the new environment. ESBC 2024 will be in Prague. May God bless us to prepare for the meeting with one mind and heart!