(MEXICO) Puebla UBF had a Fall Conference Titled "It Is Finished" from September 15-17, 2023

by UBF HQ   09-27-2023   0 reads

by Josue B.


Puebla UBF had a Fall conference from September 15-17 titled 'It is Finished.' Five messengers were established: Samuel, Victoria, Abraham, Sara, and Rebeca. In particular, P. Sara accepted the word: "How do you not have faith?" and decided to live by faith. P. Rebeca deepened the saving grace of the Lord Jesus, and she decided to love him with all her strength. Four Bible students participated: Moses, Abigail, Omar, and Joab. Moses shared his life testimony, confessing his sins of seeking love and recognition from others. He decided to drink only the living water of Jesus, worshiping God. Abigail, moved by the words, wanted to write and share her life testimony. Her father has always rejected her, and she sought acceptance from her friends and ex-boyfriend. But, she repented and decided to seek only the love of God. These four Bible students have studied the word of God constantly, and they are from three different Bible teachers. Now, the local leaders of Puebla UBF are shepherding others. May all local leaders struggle to get three faithful Bible students.