(HQ-VIDEO) HBF Ministry at the ISBC 2023

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by Steven & Yvonne L.

Raising up High Schoolers as Group Bible Study Leaders

John 1:14 "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."

Praise the Lord, who blessed the high school ministry during the ISBC 2023. Praise our Father in heaven, who hears our prayers and reveals his glory. For one year, Chicago HBF prayed and prepared to be the hosts of the HBF program at the ISBC. While praying, God gave me two prayer topics and His vision: raising GBS leaders among high school students and coworking with NA HBF leaders. After the site visit, I made a slideshow for the HBF program, including the meeting place, programs, prayer topics, and vision, and shared it with NA HBF leaders. We met three times before the ISBC (April 30, June 11, and July 9) and were united in one spirit in prayer and preparation, especially in recruiting high school students to be group Bible study leaders.

We thank God for his glorious work in raising high school students as group Bible study leaders. For example, Samuel J. of Houston told his father he would not attend the ISBC, but after his father asked him to be a group Bible study leader, Samuel changed his mind. He enthusiastically served the group Bible study and also served the games and activity committee. Also, Samuel S. of Hamilton said, "Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity."

In preparation for serving the group Bible study, high school seniors and juniors gathered online and studied the passages wholeheartedly. Their group Bible studies felt like a heavenly party. Moreover, we needed at least 2 high school students who could lead the Korean Bible studies. John L. of St. Petersburg, Russia, and Mary L. in Michigan volunteered. Though they were not sure if their Korean was good enough, they prepared the group Bible studies in Korean to serve Korean-speaking high school students. By God's grace, they did a wonderful job, formed friendships with the high schoolers from Korea, and had a pizza party on Saturday night at the conference (supported by Monica H. of Arlington, Texas). Lastly, though we requested high school seniors and juniors, two sophomores, Theresa J. and Esther M., volunteered and co-led a group. There were so many beautiful stories like this.

God also provided a room in the Athletic Recreation Center Room 6, which has state-of-the-art equipment with a stage and a projector and held 250 people. The room was perfect for us to host the HBF program with praise, Bible studies, and activities. God heard our prayers and brought so many high schoolers. Not including walk-in registration, 168 high schoolers from 75 chapters and 14 countries registered. Also, 24 high school students volunteered for GBS leaders, and 26 people served as HBF leaders to support the groups' Bible studies. There were 23 English group Bible studies and 2 Korean group Bible studies. The students studied John 1 and John 19 and wrote and shared testimonies. Many students and leaders said that the Bible studies were the best part of the conference. They were amazed that the students led so well, and some groups wrote and shared testimonies for 2 hours.

In addition, God raised two praise bands among high school students from Chicago HBF (Samuel S., Andrew A., Hannah A., Esther M., and Theresa J.) and LA HBF (Samuel J., Caleb J., Ezra K., Elijah F., Joanne Y., and Isabel P.). They prepared praise songs and slides and led praise and worship before each HBF meeting. For this, Sam R. of Chicago and Jason K. of Los Angeles coordinated efforts. Chicago UBF also bought a new keyboard, 2 guitars, a cajón, a mixer, microphones, speakers, and audio equipment. We could make a wonderful environment for praise and worship with a stage, projector, lights, etc… Also, Ire S., Daniel L. (St. Louis), and Steven L. led the audio team. The preparation for praise and worship was tremendous. Finally, when we saw students enjoying the HBF student bands and the high schoolers leading praise earnestly, it was truly glorifying to God and amazing to hear their songs of worship!

In the afternoon, we had activities led by John L. of Chicago. To support him, Willy M. and several high school students from around the USA and Canada volunteered. HBF members enjoyed Bible trivia, sports, party games, snacks, and beverages. The students played together in wholesome fellowship.

In order to raise student GBS leaders, Yvonne L. and I served 28 sessions of group Bible studies from July 5-29, including four recap Bible studies. Their parents and HBF leaders also helped the GBS leaders to prepare for Bible studies. They studied in Korean and English. This surely was accepted by God and blessed the HBF program. We are grateful to the HBF leaders whose united efforts blessed this conference. We also were moved by parents' involvement on many levels. We received heart-moving emails with their prayer topics for their children and thanks to God for his work in their hearts through the HBF program at the ISBC. We give glory to God for blessing the HBF program at the ISBC! We are so thankful to the students, HBF leaders, parents, and other volunteers for serving the HBF program for God's glory!

The GBS leaders for HBF:
Chicago: Daniel M., Joshua J., Esther K., Andrew A., Hannah A., Samuel S., Nehemiah K., Jane K., Esther M., Theresa J.; Houston: Samuel J.; New York: Victoria K., Edward L., David Y.; Boston: Mary J.; Triton: John K.; St. Petersburg: John L.; Minneapolis II: Noah V.; Sacramento: Joanna Y.; Hamilton: Samuel S.; Harrisburg: Paul H.; Michigan: Mary L.; LA: Samuel J., Theo K.; Philadelphia: Abraham N.; Scarborough: Samuel K.