(USA) Michael M. was Appointed as a Shepherd and Chapter Leader for Eau Claire UBF.

by UBF HQ   05-31-2023   0 reads

by Joshua H.

"Be shepherds for God’s flock that is under your care (1 Peter 5:2a).”

There was a leadership transition worship service at Eau Claire UBF. P. Ron gave a timely message titled, “Be shepherds for God’s flock.” In his message, we could see Jesus, the good shepherd. Through the mouth of P. Ron, the Holy Spirit encouraged all of us to be shepherds like Jesus in this generation. Dr. Abraham and Sarah N. have shepherded all kinds of students there. Among them, God called, changed, and appointed Michael as a shepherd for His flocks. He married M. Josephine, and they have three children, Ezekiel, Simon, and Olive. Seeing that every family member serves as a praise leader for the church was so beautiful. P. Ron’s couple, Dr. Augustine S’s couple, and Joshua H’s couple were there to pray for the leadership succession from Dr. Abraham to Michael M. 

Based on the word of God and with the support of many people, P. Ron and Dr. Abraham laid their hands on Michael as Eau Claire UBF chapter director and shepherd. Everyone was filled with joy because of God’s presence and blessing. Please pray for Eau Claire UBF and their new leader Michael. May God bless Dr. Abraham and Sarah N.’s next life journey in Colorado Springs. May God raise and use Michael as a shepherd for God’s flock and a fruitful worker for the gospel.