(ECUADOR) Ecuador UBF had their Easter Conference Titled "Jesus is My Christ" from April 7-9, 2023

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by M. Andres K.

Jesus is My Christ

UBF Ecuador held their Easter conference in a camp in Paljatanga called 'Place of Shalom' near Guayaquil from April 7-9. The theme of the conference was “Jesus is My Christ.” They prepared it about a month ago with early morning prayer. They outreached to college students and prayed for 30 people to join the conference. But as the crime rate increased in Guayaquil, some of the students could not join the conference. Eventually, 26 assisted the conference, including children.

They had four Bible studies and five messages about the power of the gospel, the confession of faith, the death and resurrection of Jesus, and life as witnesses of Jesus Christ. All participants personally confessed that Jesus is Christ. In addition, Lady and Pauleth, who were pastors previously, recovered their mission for campus and shared testimonies. They had the symposium of faith (Sh. Marcela for Elisha, Liliana for Gideon, Sh. Lady for Joseph, Sh. Pauleth for Peter, M. Ana for Charles Studd, and Sh. Ester for pioneers of UBF). They pray to be faithful witnesses of the risen Jesus Christ, preaching the gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit and raising 12 disciples and 12 house churches.

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