(USA) Short-Term Mission: Dr. Samuel and Hannah Y from Korea (SNU3) to Chicago

by UBF HQ   03-27-2023   0 reads

Dr. Samuel Y

We thank God for sending us to Chicago UBF as short-term missionaries for a year! (2/28/2023-2/15/2024) After 6 years in Israel, Houston, and Chicago, God sent us back to Korea as Dr. Samuel got a professor job at Pusan National University (PNU) 5 years ago. Recently, PNU sent Samuel to UIC as an exchange researcher. Please pray for us:

1. To serve God through early-morning prayer, active participation in the UIC ministry, and beautiful coworking for His Glory ISBC this summer. 
2. May God heal Hannah's painful knees. 
3. We have three daughters: Hayeon (13), Suyeon (10), and Sungyeon (3). They may grow as Jesus' disciples in the spiritual environment and find suitable schools nearby. 
4. Our Key Verse is Matthew 6:33. May we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness throughout this short yet precious opportunity.