(AFRICA) Africa Prayer Topics

by UBF HQ   02-08-2023   0 reads

by James L.


1. Uganda- In Makerere UBF two house churches were established, the first being between Peter (medical doctor) and Judith on January 15th. And the second between Ivan (medical doctor) and Vicky on January 21st. Please pray for Peter to get a job at a hospital in Kampala. Praise God for the new Bible center dedication worship service and celebration that took place on January 22nd.

2. Zambia- M. Nehemiah K. who had pioneered Zambia UBF visited Zambia for about three weeks. He appointed Boas as the director of Zambia UBF. Please pray that the grace of Jesus may be upon him so that he can be a good shepherd and bible teacher for Zambian college students.

3. Zimbabwe- Please pray for the smooth settlement of M. Sarah L. who newly joined Zimbabwe UBF in October 2022.


1. Zambia – Having left Zambia five years ago, M. Nehemiah K. returned to Zambia UBF on December 25 and is scheduled to leave on January 17. He will appoint B*oas as the successor of the ministry on January 15, 2023.

2. Kenya – On December 16, there was a succession ceremony at Kenya UBF, transferring leadership from M. Mark Y. to Juma F. God may help Juma to become a good shepherd for the students of Kenyan universities.

3. Nigeria – God may grant a new Bible center for Yabatech UBF ministry. There is a house of two stories located 1 Km away from the Yabatech campus. Currently, Yabatech UBF holds a Sunday worship service on campus.