(AFRICA) Africa Prayer Topics

by UBF HQ   01-10-2023   0 reads

by J*ames L*ee

1. Zambia – Having left Zambia five years ago, M. N*ehemiah K*im returned to Zambia UBF on December 25 and is scheduled to leave on January 17. He will appoint B*oas as the successor of the ministry on January 15, 2023.

2. Kenya – On December 16, there was a succession ceremony at Kenya UBF, transferring leadership from M. M*ark Y*oon to J*uma F*uchingo. God may help J*uma to become a good shepherd for the students of Kenyan universities.

3. Nigeria – God may grant a new Bible center for Yabatech UBF ministry. There is a house of two stories located 1 Km away from the Yabatech campus. Currently, Yabatech UBF holds Sunday worship service on campus.