(JAPAN) Japan Held a Directors' Conference from December 29-30, 2022

by UBF HQ   01-10-2023   0 reads

by D*aniel J*eong

God greatly blessed the Directors' Conference in Japan, which was held on December 29th and 30th, 2022. All 15 Japanese directors joined, and M. P*eter P*ark, the former Nigeria UBF director, also joined and shared his mission report. M. J*oseph S*eo delivered the first message titled, ‘Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus' based on Hebrews 12. M. J*oseph C*hoi delivered the second message about Daniel’s victory in the age of Babylon, based on Daniel 6. Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues, they prayed to live with the word of God by fixing their eyes on Jesus and having solid faith and faithful prayer like Daniel in the age of digital Babylon. They had reports from Missionary Work Department, Information and Communication Department, Next Generation Support Department, and each chapter. They give thanks to God for the online "Mothers' Prayer Meeting" and the next-generation young people who are planning the first next-generation retreat on Mar 18-19. Tokai UBF moved to a spacious Bible center where the members can freely praise, pray, and worship. They can pray in the morning as well as in the evening at the center. Many problems were solved and their tithe doubled. Thank God for allowing them to pray more, love each other, serve the gospel work, and grow in the midst of trials.