(CIS) Many Gathered Together to Join the CIS Directors' Conference, from January 3-5, 2023

by UBF HQ   01-10-2023   0 reads

by D*avid L*ee

For the last two years, the CIS directors had to have the new year conferences online due to the pandemic. By the grace of God, this year we had an in-person conference in the beautiful Moscow Bible Center from January 3-5. Most missionaries from Central Asia also joined. But unfortunately, Ukrainian coworkers couldn't join due to external circumstances. A total of 51 coworkers joined the conference. The Almighty God received the prayers of our coworkers from all over the world and blessed the conference with the word of God.
M. F*rancis Y*un from Astana graciously delivered the first lecture on Deuteronomy 6:5 "Love the Lord your God" on the evening of the first day. It was the key verse of the conference. God granted us an earnest desire to love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our strength, more than anything else in the world through the message. We deeply accepted that loving God is the source of our joy and decided to love God passionately. After that, we had time to share reports from each chapter. The reports showed the victory and glory of God who raised up disciples and expanded His kingdom. In particular, we heard that disciples in Russia received the gospel and were growing through the summer retreat last year. D*euk-h*yun K*ang, who is the coordinator for CIS in Korea UBF, shed tears of gratitude after hearing the mission reports.
On the second day, we had a group Bible study based on Romans 15 and listened to P. Ron Ward's heart-moving video message. His message was powerful and deeply touched our hearts. Through the message, God granted us an earnest desire to glorify God with one mind and one voice, loving each other passionately and serving one another. Also, we watched the new year greetings of P. Ron to CIS. We felt his warm love for the CIS co-workers. In the afternoon, we had time to write testimony and share the blessings we received from each other. In the evening, there was a special lecture on humanism and soteriology by D*eukhyeon K*ang.
On the third day, we had a group Bible study on John chapter 10 "Jesus the Good Shepherd," and D*aniel Z*hibayev delivered a gracious message. He testified the love of the good shepherd Jesus with tears. Through the message, each of us deeply accepted Jesus' sacrificial love and shed tears. We received a spiritual direction to become good shepherds like Jesus. Afterward, we had time to earnestly pray together for the ISBC. Glory to God who blessed the conference with His abundant words! We decided to hold the next new year's conference in Israel.