(HQ) UBF North America Next Generation Leader's Retreat 2022

by UBF HQ   11-14-2022   0 reads


The purpose of our gathering is to worship & love Jesus together, building bonds and camaraderie as we emphasize love, unity, and relationship building among our North American next-generation leaders. This will be a space to get to know one another personally through Scripture, fellowship, the breaking of bread & prayer (Acts 2:42), growing in love, trust, and unity among one another so that Jesus’ glory may be displayed in our communities and throughout the world (John 17:20-23). But we also know that stepping into leadership within our church opens the door to experiencing various struggles & conflicts. We will also gather to have open, honest conversations about this as we apply the truths of Scripture to ourselves personally and then pray to do the same in our communities. This will be a space to talk about the real things without abandoning how God has led us thus far, and ultimately pray to be filled with thankfulness and reverence for what God has done through our UBF church communities as we look forward to the future as well.

*For more information, please visit https://www.chicagoubf.org/chicago-ubf/next-generation-leaders-retreat-2022