(2022 AFRICA CONF-SOUTHERN REGION REPORT) - Being a Spiritual Leader

by UBF HQ   10-14-2022   0 reads


The Southern Regional Conference took place at Heron Bridge Conference Centre in Johannesburg (South Africa) from 30 September to 2 October 2022.

The theme of the conference was 'Being a Spiritual Leader' and was presented within the context of the ongoing leadership transition in Africa from Korean Missionaries to native leaders and brothers and sisters.

Through this conference we learned that a spiritual leader is someone who overcomes unbelief through prayer, (Mark 9:14-29) serves others with the word of God even when it seems impossible, and is most inconvenient, (Mark 6:30-44) challenges the false teachings in our communities and campuses by truthfully declaring the word of God, (Jeremiah 1:1-19) and lastly, is someone who humbly serves instead of lording over others, just like Jesus. (Mark 10:32-45)

In the opening message, missionary Joshua used the transition of leadership from Elijah to Elisha, to explain why there needs to be a leadership transition from Korean missionaries to natives in the UBF ministries in Africa. It is not because the Korean missionaries are tired. But because, just like with Elisha who took over from Elijah, leadership transition is the only way to sustain and grow the UBF ministries pioneered by the Korean missionaries in Southern Africa over the last 30 years.

In a special lecture, Nehemiah used Samuel, David, and King Saul as examples to illustrate that spiritual leaders are those who pray, have shepherd hearts, have faith in God, and are humble. God also moved our hearts with sincere life testimonies from Shepherd Khomo (WITS UBF) and Shepherdess Rejoice (Pretoria UBF), as well as by shepherdess Sarah Lee (Pretoria UBF) who accepted God’s call to go out as a missionary to Zimbabwe. Finally, we thank and praise God for Pastor Ron Ward's powerful closing message that left us with clear direction and prayer topics.

May God strengthen the native leaders and brothers and sisters with a double portion of His Spirit to grow the work He began through the Korean Missionaries 30 years ago in Southern Africa! May God raise many spiritual leaders in Africa!