(USA) Minneapolis 2 UBF Has 2022 Fall Semester Ministry Vision

by UBF HQ   09-14-2022   0 reads

Dr. J*acob Park

As a young chapter, Minneapolis II wanted to reach out to campus students. Going to campus was a little challenging due to my work schedule and the Covid situation, but God sent some students. Among them, by God’s grace brother Bruce continues John’s gospel study. We pray he may grow to know Jesus deeply and have a personal relationship with Christ. God has raised and used Dr. Jacob Park, Chuck Vought and Robin Lee as messengers. Also, blessed Jacob Jr. to deliver a first Christmas message. God gave Noah, HBF has a great spiritual desire to serve God, and he serves WS as a presider.

We thank God for blessing us to build a beautiful loving community. We continually pray that God may use us as Bible teachers this year. Recently, N*oah Voght (18) gave a meaningful message based on John 21:15, Simon son of John, do you love me more than these….". He concluded the message, saying that we can feed and take care of others with Jesus’ love. His soft but meditative message was well received by everyone. He is the first son of C*huck and M. Elizabeth. For now, Dr. Jacob Park’s family, Chuck’s family, and Robin’s family are working together for the ministry. Jacob Park Jr. and Noah are growing as next-generation leaders. My plan to have fellowship during the last weekend became naught because I and my wife Grace were down with Covid Positive. But we joined their worship online and had a meaningful but short fellowship online. We decided to seek another time for an in-person fellowship.

Minneapolis II prayer topics are: 
1. Grow in a love relationship with Jesus which is the purpose and motivation of Christian life.
2. New school year ministry with God’s word.
3. Next generation ministry (Jacob, Noah, and others)