(HQ-UPDATE 9/21) P. Ron Ward Completed His Visit to Seven Countries in Latin America

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After visiting Mexico, Guatemala, Panama y Peru during the last week, P. Ron & Sh. Dervilla Ward and P. John Seo visited Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil encouraging our coworkers with the word of God. P. Ron delivered his inaugural message (a shortened version) 11 times in different chapters with the translation of Sh. Dervilla into Spanish. Also they had deep conversation times with missionaries, local and next generation leaders. The conversation with Brazilian younger leaders lasted more than 3 hours and finished after midnight. The trip to visit the seven countries in 12 days was very hard. But they could complete their mission trip successfully by the grace of God. P. Ron and Sh. Dervilla returned to Chicago while P. John Seo went to Venezuela on Sep 16. P. Ron and Sh. Dervilla will leave for Africa on Sep. 20 to join the four African regional conferences. Please pray for their trip to Africa to support the conference and encourage our leaders.

<Picture below: Bolivia>

<Picture below: La Plata, Argentina>                                                                   

  <Picture below: Buenos Aires University, Argentina>

<Picture below: Sao Paulo, Brazil>

<Picture below: Campinas, Brazil>


P. Ron Ward with his wife D*ervilla Ward, Dr. Jose & Maria Ahn, and P. John Seo are visiting our coworkers in Latin America. They had meaningful and fruitful times with our missionaries and leaders in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, and Peru. Now they are in Bolivia. P. Ron Ward delivered a Sunday message at Santa Cruz-I chapter with the translation of Dervilla Ward. They will visit Argentina and Brazil soon. May God grant them journey merch and good health to complete their mission trip. 

<Photo below: Chicago before departure> 

<Photos below: Mexico CU UBF / Isaac Park: Latin America Coordinator>

<Photos below: Inspiration Center in Guadalajara, Mexico; M. Timothy & Hannah Rhee>

<Photo below: With M. Josue Gutierrez, Panama)  

<Photo below: With the family of M. Efrain Uriostegui, Peru>


P. Ron & Dervilla Ward, Dr. Jose & Maria Ahn, and P. John Seo will visit Latin America from Sep 5. Please see their prayer topics and schedule and pray for them to have a fruitful and safe trip.

Sep 5-7 Mexico
Sep 7-8 Guatemala
Sep 8-9 Panama
Sep 9-10 Peru
Sep 10-12 Bolivia
Sep 12-14 Argentina
Sep 14-16 Brazil

P. Ron's prayer topics:
1) To see the work of God in Latin America
2) To participate in the suffering of God's servants
3) To learn prayer topics and how to support the work of God in Latin America
4) For P. Ron's Sunday message in Bolivia on September 11