(USA) J*oshua Hong Visited Hyde Park UBF on Father's Day

by UBF HQ   06-27-2022   0 reads

By J*oshua Hong

Hyde Park UBF was founded by three families: the Z*apatas, the Y*oons, and the H*ongs together with a few young shepherds like W*esley, P*aul, and F*rancis in 2005. There were ups and downs, tears, and laughter. In November 2020, the ministry was handed over to J. D*aniel Yoon while J*oshua and G*race went to start a church in UIUC (University of Urbana-Champaign) in September 2021. P*aul Dang Jr. became a co-pastor of Hyde Park UBF that same month.
Last Sunday was Father's day, and S*am Toh was invited to give a message on “Shema" (Deuteronomy 6:1-9). He reflected on his life with his three children (J*ames, A*nna, and L*incoln), his relationship with his father (B*en Toh), and with God, his Heavenly Father. He initially had the idea that God as an army commander. Over time, the image of God as his loving Heavenly Father became prominent in his life and ministry. As a father, he enjoys spending time with his children in every possible way. He testified that the Heavenly Father's care and love were evident in his life. Because of our Heavenly Father's love, we can love God with all our hearts, extending His love to our children. Thank God for the graceful message.

Currently, D*aniel and P*aul are leading the church together with a prophetic vision to build the church as a city on a hill. Please pray for the elder families such as the W*angs, R*oths, W*illiams, and Z*apatas as well as the young families such as the P*eaces, M*aos, M*arshalls, and the C*hens as they work together with the vision to see the Kingdom of God manifested in every area of their lives - may they be history-makers and world-changers for the gospel. They pray that their church community may be a hub for relational healing and intergenerational redemption. Please pray for P*aul & R*uth Dang's upcoming baby, Paul's Ph.D. dissertation, and their pastoring of the church together with J. D*aniel & M*ary Yoon, who are busy with their 6 kids. Although many students have come and gone, we keep praying for a renewed ministry this fall with great hope.