(U*KRAINE) Sending M*issionaries to Switzerland

by UBF HQ   06-16-2022   0 reads

Even during the war, the shepherds of O*dessa UBF are doing online prayer relay once a day with the following prayer topics:
1. World m*issions (to send m*issionaries)
2. Establishing house churches
3. Sunday worship service
4. Words of M. John and Grace
5. The end of the war.

The Lord heard their prayers and sent 5 house churches and 2 shepherds to Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania). Last week they sent the family of M*oses and M*aria to S*witzerland and ordained them as m*issionaries. And they received the direction of the Holy Spirit who made them live as m*issionaries without returning to O*d_essa even after the war was over.