(SOUTH SUDAN) The Theme for the 2022 South Sudan UBF Easter Bible Conference Was "He Has Risen"

by UBF HQ   04-25-2022   0 reads

By P*adiet Deng

God richly blessed the South Sudan UBF Easter conference from April 15-17, 2022 with a good spiritual environment and great weather. The theme was "He Has Risen," and 39 people attended. P*adiet Deng delivered the opening message from John 11:1-44 titled "The Resurrection and the Life." T*aban Moses gave the first main message on Matthew 26:31-75 with the title "Jesus’ Prayer and Victory." In his message, T*aban Moses testified that one day after he was chosen as a messenger to deliver Easter message, he was fired from his job. It was especially hard for him because he is the only who had a job to support the family. But as he prepared the message, God comforted and encouraged him to fixed his eyes on Jesus who relied on His Father God through prayer to overcome the suffering and pain of the cross. M*oses Taban decided to overcome his situation by faith through prayer and dependence on God alone. God used him to deliver a very gracious and powerful message during the Easter conference. The second main message based on Matthew 27:27-66 was delivered by D*eng Akoi who was raised as spiritual leader last year. The title was "Jesus’ Death Opened the Way to God." Lastly, R*ejoice Michael delivered the Easter Sunday message from Matthew 28:1-20 with the title ‘He Has Risen."

Prayer and Thanksgiving Topics:
1. May the power of the resurrection raise 40 1-on-1 Bible studies and worship service attendees every week
2. May God bless our Genesis Bible study
3. God may establish five houses churches by 2025
4. Thank God for the Juba UBF chapter's 10 year anniversary