(UGANDA) Bethesda Medical Center 2021 Newsletter and Update

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Shalom! I pray that you will enjoy peace in the Lord and receive many blessings in the new year of 2022 as well. Even though the whole world is suffering from the corona virus, the new year has come, and hopeful voices are being heard here and there. I look forward to the day when everyone's prayers and hopes will become a reality, and we will be able to see them smiling broadly as they did in the past. Here in Uganda, the government's mitigation measures began from the end of last year, and on January 24, the night curfew for general vehicles and the suspension of business for restaurants, concert halls and entertainment facilities were lifted. Although it is still too early to be reassured, the number of severe cases has decreased significantly, and even if you look at the infected, it seems that they only suffer from symptoms of malaria or severe body aches and are treated. Our hospital also finished last year safely. I thought the number of infections were decreasing, so I contacted the related authorities to hold a surgical outreach in Kapchora, which shares the border with Keya in eastern Uganda, but after receiving a reply that they could not approve, the plan had to be abandoned. So, in the fourth quarter, we had no choice but to hold a surgical outreach at Bethesda Clinic on Bubuma Island operated by our hospital. Hopefully, we will be able to actively hold outreach, which we have not been able to do before. Please pray that we may serve this land with all our heart and soul in many ways.

And I want to thank God who heard our prayers and sent Missionary N*amhyo Kim to be in charge of general affairs, and He decided to send a nurse missionary in 2022. All of these are God's answers to your prayers. There are still many areas to be filled. Please pray together always. I'm sorry again for the delay in sending out the newsletter. We ask you to read it, support us and pray for us. May the new year be filled with the grace of the Lord, and may we always be strong in the Lord.

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