(MEXICO-UPDATE) N*oé is the First UBF Missionary from Latin America to Europe

by UBF HQ   08-03-2022   0 reads

<8/2/2022 Latest Update>

By J*osue Bae 

J*ose Ahn had a prayer topic to send out missionaries from Latin America to Europe at the Latin America and Europe Directors Conference in 2012. God moved the heart of H*annah Shin from Czech Republic through B*ernabe Choi and J*ose Ahn in 2020. She prayed to hire N*oé from Mexico so that he could come as a missionary to Europe, but the visa process was delayed for about a year and a half due to the pandemic. We continued to pray for N*oé to get the visa. In 2022, the pandemic situation improved, and the European countries lifted restrictions. N*oé updated the documents that he had presented before, and God gave him a work visa on July 25, 2022. N*oé will go to the Czech Republic on August 25 so that he can start a language course at Charles University in Prague at the beginning of September. We give thanks to God for coworkers from Mexico, Bolivia and Europe who have supported him.

Prayer topics:
1. For N*oé to be a good coworker with humility at the Czech ministry and in his workplace
2. For N*oé to master the Czech language
3. For N*oé to go to campus to preach the gospel and have one-on-one Bible students


N*oe and G*ariela will go to Czechia in the spring semester as a new missionary family. They are waiting for working visas for a few months.

Here are their prayer topics: 1. They may get working visas in the spring semester 2. Get vaccinated 3. Effective learning of the Czech language in 3 years 4. Be used for Czech ministry as humble and sacrificial servants.