(EUROPE) Europe UBF New Years Conference Report

by UBF HQ   01-12-2022   0 reads

By R*einer Schauwienold

Thank God for blessing the Europe UBF New Years Conference abundantly! The conference was held online December 29-30, 2021 and was open to all coworkers in Europe. 222 coworkers from all over Europe and some delegates from the USA and Korea attended.

First, we had group Bible Study on Luke 6:6-19. After worship by the Encounter worship team, a video about UBF World mission activities in 2021 was presented. In P*astor Moses Yoon's message, we learned that Jesus prayed all night with a broken heart for the people, who were lost without shepherds; and how Jesus chose the twelve as apostles to raise them as leaders, equipped with spiritual power to bring the Gospel to the whole world. The message encouraged us to renew our prayers for helping students and young people to receive Jesus’ grace and calling and to grow as His disciples and spiritual leaders for this generation. The 2nd day began with testimony sharing in groups. The main program was a forum with the theme “How to Win the West Again – Evangelism in Europe”. Three speakers gave insightful presentations: B*runo A(ussant on the challenge we are facing, Est*her N*ett on how we can speak to young Europeans, J*ames W*ood about experiences of London-Evangelization.

At the end of the program there were words of appreciation for Dr. J*ames Kang’s graceful leadership for Europe UBF in the past four years and prayers for the new coordinator for Europe, R*einer Schauwienold.

May God help Europe UBF to grow as a loving community that raises disciples of Jesus for the evangelism of Europe.