(UGANDA) A Christmas Bible Conference was Held on December 18-19, 2021 at Makerere and Kyambogo Center

by UBF HQ   01-04-2022   0 reads


We thank God for giving us a graceful non-residential two-day Christmas bible conference from December 18-19, 2021 at Makerere and Kyambogo Centers respectively. The theme was “PEACE TO MEN." On the first day, we had a Bible study about Matthew 1:1-25 and a message titled: “Jesus, Our Savior King” by J*ames M. Through the message, we were able to learn that Jesus’ main mission was to save man from his sin problem.

In the afternoon, we listened to a special lecture on the “Meaning of Discipleship” from S*teven S. and had an open discussion about discipleship in the Covid-19 environment on campus. On the second day, we received a graceful message from I*saac W., titled: Peace to Men” from Luke 2:1-19.

Through the main lecture, we could accept that Christmas is a time to have God’s peace in our hearts in the midst of the pandemic. Our young leaders served this conference powerfully as Bible study leaders and messengers.

Our prayer Topics are: 

1. Construction work for the Bible Center
2. Raising of at least five leaders in the new year
3. New campus ministry direction for 2022
4. Bible study and messengers
5. Preparation of 2022 Africa Leaders conference
1. To be devoted to the study and teaching of God’s word
2. Reliable caretaker for the Bible Center