(NAMIBIA) News of Missionary Betty from Namibia 

by UBF HQ   11-24-2021   0 reads

J*ames Lee in Zimbabwe  

I'd like to share brief news of Namibia. I met M. Betty while on a business trip to Zambia. She studied at Zambia Medical University as a government scholarship student since 2014. After completing her medical studies in Zambia, she will be sent out to Namibia to work as an intern at the National Hospital of Namibia for two years in May of next year. She works as a doctor in Namibia, where she teaches and prays about her Bible teaching to young people. Her son Philip is studying chemistry at the University Hospital of Namibia and is praying for entering a medical school next year, and is continuing to study the Bible online with M. Jee Eames from South Africa.