Sick Coworkers (COVID-19)

by UBF Prayer Room staff   10-18-2021   0 reads

Sick Coworkers (COVID-19):

  • M. Samuel and Ruth Shin (Manhattan, NY): They are healed by God’s grace and M. Samuel could deliver Sunday message. Thank you for your prayers.
  • S. Johanna Kim (Philadelphia): Her symptoms are fever, coughing, fatigue, etc. Please pray that she may recover fully by God’s grace. Pray also for her husband, Joshua.
  • S. Paul Nah (Jongro 7, Korea): Pray that his lung functions may recover and pneumonia may be treated well.
  • S. M*atthewGerus (Odesa, Ukraine): His intestines have been damaged due to long antibiotic and COVID-19 treatments. He is currently adjusting to new diet. Please pray that he may eat well and gain weight. His doctor thinks it will take 6 months to 1 year for full recovery. Please continue to pray for his recovery.