M. EstherChung (Chicago)

by UBF Prayer Room staff   07-19-2021   0 reads

M. EstherChung (Chicago, by P. Ron Ward): On 7/15, she was found that the lymphoma which began in her nasal area has spread through other parts of her body and is now in stage 3-4. Today (7/16) an MRI showed that her brain is clear of cancer. Thank God! She underwent a spinal tap, cardiac test, liver test, kidney test, and more. She will spend the night in the cardiac unit of the hospital. The doctors want her to begin chemo treatments as soon as possible. Please pray for her to have sufficient strength to endure. Dr. Joseph Chung shared 1 Peter 4:13, John 11:4, Mark 11:24. He prays for God's mighty power to bring about complete healing and recovery for M. Esther for the glory of God. Everything is possible with God! Let's join him in prayer.