(USA) Chicago UBF's Children's Ministry Had a Virtual Vacation Bible School from June 28 - July 2, 2021

by UBF HQ   07-07-2021   0 reads

Chicago UBF's children's ministry had a virtual vacation Bible school from June 28 - July 2, 2021. This year's topic was "Treasured: Discovering that You Are Priceless to God." The themes were God knows you, God hears you, God comforts you, God forgives you, and God chose you (1 Samuel 16, 1 Samuel 24, 2 Kings 18-21, John 18-21, Esther 4-5). The children participated in group Bible studies, interactive Bible adventures, fun skits, praise, and activities while also hearing messages from the graduating 8th graders: Esther Min, Matthew Camarena, Daniel Gava, Joshua Ward, Theresa Jung, Noe Ocasio, Gloria Kim (Brazil). Everyone had a blessed and fun time in God's word.