(USA) M*ary Baek and Her Children Joined Dr. I*saac Baek (M*ary Baek's Husband) in Maryland on June 19, 2021

by UBF HQ   06-22-2021   0 reads

M*ary Baek with Grace and Isaac left for Maryland to join Dr. I*saac (M*ary Baek's husband), who was a previous Oakton college coordinator in Chicago UBF for 3.5 years. Dr. I*saac is working at USUHS (Uniformed Services University of Health Science) which is "the West Point for military doctors and medical workers." God has blessed him to be promoted to a position that would normally take several years. They are praying for USUHS and two nearby schools: Montgomery College and the University of Shady Grove. Please pray that this house church may be fruitful and raise disciples of Jesus for his glory.