(CANADA) A New Missionary P*aulina Park (Toronto, Canada) was Sent out to Sao Paulo, Brazil on March 28, 2021

by UBF HQ   04-08-2021   0 reads

Toronto UBF, Canada held a sending-off missionary ceremony on March 28 for Paulina who married J*oshua Park in Brazil in 2020.

A message based on Isaiah 42 shared by Canada coordinator P*hilip Wong. On April 6, she left for Brazil and joined her husband J*oshua Park to serve in Sao Paulo UBF ministry.

Paulina’s prayer topics:

1.   To know Christ deeper, according to her life key verse Phippians 3:10
2.   For her house church with Joshua to grow as one in Christ, and priestly nation (1Peter 2:9)
3.   Trust God with all practical matters
4.   Learn Portuguese
5.   Find a Job

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