S. J*ulieAngam and M. J*oyPalaka (India)

by UBF Prayer Room staff   04-19-2021   0 reads

S. J*ulieAngam (India) had an operation for stomach cancer (by Dr. J*ohnAngam): She is gradually recovering from the wound, though still painful. She is able to start moving by herself. She also has started taking semi-solid food little by little. We will visit the hospital next week to remove the drain and stitches. We are thankful to coworkers all over the world praying for her. We need your continued prayer support for her complete recovery.

M. J*oyPalaka (India) has been diagnosed with Stage-2 Breast Cancer: She was supposed to receive the third chemotherapy from 4/15-17. However, on 4/14, M. Joy, Samuel and Mary and David all tested COVID-19 positive. So, M. Joy's chemotherapy was postponed until she recovers from COVID. Please pray for their recovery from COVID and M. Joy's third chemotherapy (It may start as soon as possible, and her body may respond to the chemo very well and be completely healed). Please pray that her family may have peace and confidence in Jesus.