M. J*oyPalaka and S. J*ulieAngam (India)

by UBF Prayer Room staff   09-20-2021   0 reads

M. J*oyPalaka (India): “The surgery was successfully completed (breast cancer). However, the doctor advised her to take another 12 cycles of targeted therapy to prevent recurring cancer. Most probably, she will complete all the cycles by March. She has lost her hair, but thankfully now she is gaining back. Thank God for her body responds very well to the chemo. After the chemotherapy, she got (UTI) Urine tract infection. Please pray that she may undergo therapy without any side effects. Please pray that in this tough journey Joy and my heart may be filled with the word of God. Once again thank you very much for all the helps we have received from all the coworkers all over the world.”

S. J*ulieAngam (India): She had completed three sitting of radiation therapy along with oral chemo. But as her blood count is low again (especially ANC) doctors stopped the RT and chemo. Perhaps She'll start again on Monday. Please continue to pray for her healing.