(SOUTH AFRICA) New Campus Pioneering News of University of Johannesburg

by UBF HQ   02-04-2021   0 reads

by M. R*ebekah Kim

God helped M. Jacob and me to pioneer Wits University in Johannesburg from 2007. 2 years ago and after 11 years of pioneering Wits ministry, we succeeded the ministry to the local growing leaders. They have established Wits UBF independently. Now God blessed us to pioneer the University of Johannesburg (UJ) from 2021. When we began Wit UBF in 2007, my first daughter was not yet born. But now, she is already an eighth-grader worshipping together with us on Sunday.

Our prayer topics are below; 

1. Graceful online worship service on each Sunday
2. M. J*acob Kim’s heart-moving Sunday message
3. To have more Bible students to study