(FINLAND) Dr. L*ukas & Dr. L*ydiaKim’s Helsinki Pioneering Ministry

by UBF HQ   12-16-2020   0 reads

Dr. L*ukasKim and Dr.L*ydiaKim were sent from Korea as student missionaries to Cologne, Germany 35 years ago. They were some of the most loyal and hardworking co-workers in Cologne Chapter-I. Two years ago, God opened the door to Helsinki, Finland as they had prayed for over 10 years to pioneer there. Now, they also pray to go to Africa after raising successors for the World Campus mission. Dr. L*ydia's 2021 key verse is based on Philippinas 4:4, "Rejoice!” Dr. L*ukas' key verse is based on Isaiah 49:6, "Light for the Gentiles!"

Prayer topics:

1. Continuation of Finnish language courses (6 hours on a daily basis from Monday through Friday)
2. Faithful prayer life and personal Exodus Bible study, including an in-depth study of the Pentateuch
3. Sunday worship service and the growth of several students into disciples through Bible study
4. The raising of dedicated successors for God's mission in Finland and faithful coworking with 4 Northern European UBF ministries

<They were ordained to Finland two years ago>

<With children in Germany>