(USA/UPDATE) M. A*nna Yang in Chicago Had an Emergency Surgery due to a Life-Threatening Infection, "Ludwig's Angina" (English/Korean)

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Here is an update for Msn. A*nna Yang. 

By God’s grace and the sacrificial love and serving from the Seo family (Msn. J*ohn and A*na Seo including their daughter Anita who helped the antibiotic injection for six weeks) in Chicago, she was able to finish six weeks’ antibiotic treatment successfully without side-effects or complications or further infection as of Jan.11, 2021. According to doctors, there is no need for further surgery. Now there is no problem in terms of eating and sleeping except a little discomfort in her tongue. However, she is vulnerable to the virus attack because her immune system became weak due to the strong antibiotic injection for six weeks. Please continue to pray for her full recovery and protection from the virus. 

Also, we ask your prayer support for her official retirement from a personal assistant position for Mother Barry whom she had served for the last 13 years on 2/1. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers and love. 

From Sarah T. A*hn & M*ark Yang Jr.  

 [한글 버전]

양앤나 선교사님 업데이트를 전해 드립니다

하나님의 은혜와 서요한안나 선교사님 가정의 헌신적인 섬김으로 (특별히딸 안나가 6주동안 매일 1시간 항생제 투입 치료에 많은 도움을 주었습니다), 올해 111일자로 어떤 부작용이나 합병증이상의 감염 없이 6주간의 항생제 치료가 끝나게 되었습니다의사들에 의하면 더 이상의 수술은 필요 없다고 합니다현재혀 부분에 약간의 불편함이 있는 것 이외에 식사와 수면을 잘하고 계십니다. 그러나, 6주간의 강한 항생제 주사로 인해 면역력이 많이 약해져 있는 관계로 바이러스 공격에 쉽게 노출되어 계십니다. 계속해서 바이러스로부터 보호하여 주시고 온전히 회복 되실 수 있도록 기도해 주십시오

또한 오는 2월 1일에 양앤나 선교사님이 지난 13년간 온 정성으로 섬기셨던 마더배리 개인 어시스턴트 포지션에서 정식으로 은퇴하시는 절차가 있을 것인데 이를 위해 기도해 주시면 감사하겠습니다. 전세계 모든 귀한 종들의 간절한 기도와 사랑을 인하여 깊이 감사드립니다

사라 테레사 안, 양마가 주니어 드림

<Update - 12/5/2020>

We wanted to provide you with an update on M. A*nnaYang.

She is doing better. She is being treated for a bone infection which requires treatment with at least 6 weeks of antibiotics. She will require to follow up with an oral surgeon. She also requires to follow up with a heart doctor for an abnormal heart test. She remains in good spirits and is resting. She is getting ready to leave the hospital hopefully soon. 

Please pray for her to not have a recurrent infection, and to not have any additional complications. Please pray for her to rest fully and to recover.

We appreciate your understanding in allowing her and Dr. Mark to rest through holding off on text, Kakaotalk, calls, emails. We will provide ongoing updates.

Thank you.

Dr. M*arkYang Jr.
M. S*arahT.Ahn


다음은 양앤나 선교사님 관련 업데이트된 소식입니다.

기도 덕분에 양앤나 선교사님은 잘 지내고 계십니다. 진단 결과, 6주 이상의 강한 항생제 투여가 필요한 골수염 (Osteomyelitis)으로 판명되었습니다. 신속히 구강 외과 의사를 만나 후속 치료가 필요합니다.

심장의 비정상적인 박동으로 인한 심장 전문의의 소견 또한 필요합니다. 곧 병원 퇴원 예정이며 이후 집에서 항생제 치료를 받을 것입니다. 감염이 다시 재발하지 않고 충분한 휴식을 통해 몸을 회복할 수 있도록 기도 부탁드립니다. 양마가 선교사님이 건강한 가운데 간병을 잘 감당하시도록 다시 한번 직접적인 연락 (이메일, 전화, 텍스트 혹은 카카오톡)은 자제해 주시기를 부탁드립니다.

계속 업데이트 해 드리겠습니다.

양마가 주니어, 사라 테레사 안 드림


Dear Servants of God,

Thank you for your prayers and loving inquiries. We want to provide you an update on M. A*nnaYang's condition in Chicago. 

  • On 11/29 she presented with progressively worsening severe neck/jaw pain and was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening infection in her mouth/neck called Ludwig's Angina.
  • On 11/30 she was taken for emergent surgery which was successful. Due to the danger of neck swelling and the risk of closure of her airway, she required a breathing tube to be placed. By God's grace, she was stabilized after surgery with antibiotics. She was placed in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
  • On 12/1 evening she was able to have the breathing tube removed, and she was able to be transferred to the general surgery floor out of the ICU. However, due to swelling and pain, she was unable to swallow and has been dependent on intravenous fluids and medications.
  • On 12/2 she received antibiotics and continued to recover on the general surgery floor. 

At this time we ask you to pray for:

  • Pain control, sleep, rest
  • Blood cultures and infection cultures show treatable organisms
  • Infection does not spread further into the bones of the jaw/neck- repeat CT planned based on the clinical course
  • Protection from secondary pneumonias (lung infection)
  • Protection from Covid-19 infection
  • Remove surgery drains that are draining any remaining pus pockets
  • Pass the speech and swallow testing

M. A*nnaYang needs in the medium term:

  • Full rest and recovery time
  • Continue antibiotics (expected at least 6 weeks)
  • Appropriate oral surgeon to examine and take care of teeth (potential site for recurrent infection)

We thank everyone for the outpouring of prayers, texts, and emails. But as you can surmise, this has led to an amount of communication that has overwhelmed the family members. As such, we ask you to:

  • Pray for M. A*nnaYang. This is the most important, and most helpful way you can show your love and care.
  • Also please pray for Dr. M*arkYang who will be the primary caregiver for her.
  • We kindly ask NOT to contact them directly (text, Kakaotalk, calls, etc.) at this time until otherwise updated since they need time for rest and healing. Especially M. Anna needs to focus on rest and recovery- this will take many months of rest according to the physicians.
  • Please pray for M. Sarah Barry as well and for a suitable help and care plan for her.

​​​​​​Your debtors in Christ,

Dr. M*arkYang Jr.
M. S*arahT.Ahn

주안에서 사랑하는 주의 종들께

모든 기도와 사랑에 감사드립니다. 양앤나 선교사님의 상황에 대해 보고 드리고자 합니다

  • 11 29  저녁계속되는 턱부위의 통증 악화를 호소하여 응급실에 가서 검사를 받던  생명을 위협할  있는 감염이 입안과 목 주위에서 발견되었습니다병명은 Ludwig's Angina”이라고 합니다. 
  • 11 30 새벽응급실에서 긴급하게 수술을 하였고성공적으로 마쳤습니다 주위가 붓고 이로 인한 호흡 통로 차단 위험이 있어 호흡 튜브를 연결하였습니다하나님의 은혜로 수술 이후 항생제를 투여하고 안정을 취하며중환자실로 옮겨졌습니다.
  • 12 1  저녁호흡 튜브를 제거 하였고중환자실에서 일반 수술 병동으로 옮겨졌습니다붓기와 통증으로 인해 침도 제대로 삼킬  없고 정맥 수액과 약을 의존하고 있습니다

다음은 긴급 기도제목입니다:

  • 심한 통증이 빨리 완화되어 충분한 휴식 취할  있도록
  • / 관련 뼈에 감염이 더이상 전이되지 않도록
  • 폐렴으로 부터 보호해 주시도록
  • Covid-19으로 부터 보호해 주시도록
  •  속에 남은 고름이 깨끗이 제거되도록
  •   삼킬  있도록, 열이 빨리 떨어지도록 

장기적인 기도제목:

  • 충분한 휴식을 통해 몸이 회복되도록
  • 적어도 6 간의 항생제 투약이  듣도록
  • 좋은 구강 외과의사를 만나 검사  치아 관리를  받도록

다시 한번 관심과 사랑에 감사드립니다. 양앤나 선교사님의 회복을 위한 기도를 계속 부탁드립니다무엇보다 병간호를 감당하시는 양마가 선교사님의 건강을 위해 기도 부탁드립니다직접 전화나 텍스트 보다는 적절한 휴식과 회복을 취하실  있도록 기도를  주시면 감사하겠습니다마지막으로 Mother Barry  건강과 장래 케어 플랜을 위한 기도 부탁드립니다.    

사랑에 빚 

양마가 주니어사라 테레사 안 드림