Coworkers who tested COVID-19 positive

by UBF Prayer Room staff   04-19-2021   0 reads

S. S*amuelPalaka (India), M. Joy, and their children (Mary and David) all tested COVID-19 positive. M. Joy's chemotherapy was postponed until she recovers from COVID. Please pray for their recovery from COVID and M. Joy's third chemotherapy.

Paola, S. Ricardo’s daughter (15, Mexico City) is still in the hospital. But her condition has improved a lot. She did not have to undergo surgery. She had an intestine wash, and she has reacted well to the treatments. We pray that she will be discharged soon. Thank you very much everyone for the sincere prayers for our daughter and our entire family.

M. Alkin (Belakan, Philippines) was tested COVID-19 positive with fever and fatigue. Please pray for his healing and 40 workers under his business who have SWS in his factory.

M. H*annahOh (Minsk, Belarus) and her daughter, Lydia were all healed and went back to work. Praise God and thank you all UBF prayer warriors for their prayers.

S. J*onathanSaliyuk (Kiev, Ukraine) and other shepherds also suffer from COVID-19. The case is increasing in CIS countries. Please pray for our missionaries and shepherds in the region.

S. A*naHernandez (Iztacala, Mexico): She is still struggling with COVID-related issues. She developed pneumonia and the virus advanced to the brain. She has numbness in her left hand with involuntary movements of the fingers. Please pray that she may be completely healed and strengthened.

S. J*acqueline (Riverside, USA): Her condition has improved but is still experiencing shortness of breath and other symptoms (pain, dizziness, fatigue, cough, upset stomach, etc.). Pray for her complete recovery and family (S. Roberto and children).