Coworkers who tested COVID-19 positive

by UBF Prayer Room staff   09-13-2021   0 reads

S. Paul Nah (Jongro 7): He was transferred to a nursing home. Please pray that the cerebral infarction will be cured without infection or complications. Currently, he is breathing through the airway incision, and he is not able to eat, so he is receiving nutrition through a gastrostomy tube. The lungs can only function on one side. Please pray that he can breathe on his own and that he may be fully recovered. 

S. M*atthewGerus (Odesa, Ukraine) (By R*ebeccaGerus): “S. Matthew is suffering from Covid 19 aftereffects. He couldn’t eat well and lost a lot of weight. They found a potential reason and prescribed medicine and proper diet. He seems to be getting better. Please pray that he may gain weight and his intestines be fully functional. We thank God for being with us and strengthening us with his word amid the trial. Please continue to pray that S. Matthew may be healed completely.”