(JAPAN) M. Peter in Japan recently Joined Ann Arbor Ministry in the USA

by UBF HQ   09-09-2020   0 reads

By M. D*anielJeong in Tokyo, Japan

M. Peter in Japan recently moved to Ann Arbor in Michigan, USA. M. Peter is originally from Malaysia. He met Jesus personally in Nagasaki, Japan, and established a house church with Mary and went to Thailand and moved back to Tokyo in Japan. Recently God sent him to the USA while other family members stay in Japan. His mission key verse is based on Thes 5:16-18. We pray for him to support the U of Michigan UBF in Ann Arbor and to adjust well with his job. We also pray for the remaining family in Japan, his wife Mary, and two children, Zion (A college student), and Irie (High School Junior), and for the evangelization of Malaysian brothers' families, Korean parents, and Korean brothers and sisters.

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