Venezuela UBF coworkers are suffering from a shortage of food, water, gasoline, and electricity.

by UBF Prayer Room staff   09-01-2020   0 reads

Pray for political and economic stability. There is a shortage of food, water, gasoline, and electricity in the country (M. J*uanBaek: “Public transportation stopped, gasoline shortage lasts, still, travel permits required. Due to the poor Internet system, we use audio-recorded messages for worship services. Still, S. G*ustavo and leaders continue to serve the Bible study, worship, and discipleship ministry with wisdom and zeal.”) Let’s pray for God's daily provision of food and his words for our coworkers in Venezuela. HQ has been providing supports. Please pray that our coworkers in Venezuela may endure God's discipline by faith and continue to engage in the gospel ministry. We also pray for their health (S. G*ustavo recovered from Covid-19 but he needs treatment and rests for one month in order to recover from complications from a surgery (nose) one year ago. This is a critical point for his total restoration in the lungs. Pray for his full recovery. Please also pray for M. J*uanBaek’s glaucoma, weak lungs and heart, and M. S*usanna's diabetes and stomach pain). Venezuelan chapters: Caracas UBF (S. G*ustavo), Maracaibo (S. H*ugo), Margarita (S. A*lirio), Ocumare (S. S*ocrates), Merida (S. J*aime)