(KOREA) Caleb Kim, The Director of Korea UBF World Mission Department, Presented World Mission Vision at 2020 KWMA

by UBF HQ   08-06-2020   0 reads

Is it Possible for the Korean Church to Send One Million Korean Missionaries?

Since there are 10 million Korean Christians, 1/10 can be sent as missionaries. Is it possible? It is the tithing of people as same as the tithing of money. It is difficult for a person without faith, but for those who have faith, it is not difficult. Don't you even offer 2/10 or 3/10 of your incomes?

In addition, in the history of Moravian Mission, when 12 people gathered, one of them was sent as a missionary. That's 1/12. If the Korean church Moravianizes all believers, one million missionaries can be sent. Can we do it like the Moravian mission? Yes, we can.

One of the organizations that showed the possibility is UBF. UBF is a Korean Moravian mission. UBF has sent 1,500 missionaries, with 3,000 remaining in Korea. This means that 1,500 out of 4,500 people were sent. Then, 1/3 was sent as missionaries.

After all, the secret of sending a million missionaries is to raise Korean church believers as missionaries by 1/10, and UBF-the Korean Moravian Mission—showed that this is possible. Honestly, it went beyond Moravian misson.

Over 99% of UBF missionaries are lay missionaries. Therefore, it is possible that we raise over 99% of Korean church members as lay missionaries. What should you do then?

The Korean church should change the goal of quantitative growth to qualitative growth. Instead of raising each and every believer as a person who becomes self-satisfied by attending worship services alone, you should raise each and every believer to the level of a self-supporting lay missionary. Is it possible?

It is possible. UBF proved it. UBF invited most of the members when they were unbelievers and raised them as self-supporting lay missionaries. Jesus also raised all of the twelve disciples who lacked various human qualifications as missionaries. The Apostle Paul said he wanted to make the saints perfect (Col. 1:28). Who is the perfect one? He is a self-supporting lay missionary. The secret is to raise people who can go to anywhere in Korea or the world and serve as self-supporting missionaries.

Have you heard about the story of glass bottles? Fleas can leap 20-30 centimeters, but if you put them in a glass bottle with a height of 5 centimeter or 10 centimeters, they will leap only 5 or 10 centimeters, not being able to reach to their full potentials. If lay people grow, they can grow infinitely, be used by God, and bear much fruit.

Pastor Han-Hum Ok awakened Korean lay people to the level of Jesus’ disciples. However, UBF aroused everyone to the level of a self-supporting lay missionary. It shows that people can realize their full potentials if they are awakened. The one-million missionary mission should aim at helping sleeping lay Christians not to be trapped in glass bottles but to wake up and realize their full potentials.

Caleb Kim, Director of Korea UBF World Mission department