(FRANCE) A Joint French Summer Bible Conference will be Held on August 1-2, 2020

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The love from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven

By B*runoAussant

4 chapters (Nantes, Paris 1 and 2, Aix Marseille) will have a joint French Summer Bible Conference on 8/1-2.

The title: "The love from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven."
Message 1: J*eanKim, "If someone loves me" (Jn 14:15-31)
Message 2: P*aulHeo, “Do you love me?”(Jn 21)

Life testimony: J*eanneKim

Our prayer topics:

1. May the word of God be powerful so that each participant can accept the love of God personally
2. May God help us to express our love for Him in return by taking care of his sheep
3. May God give us a lovely fraternal fellowship to be one in Him


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